About Us

Jacks Galore

Jacks Galore – Rescue Coordinator

Jacks Galore is a family run Jack Russell Rescue coordinator located in Massachusetts.  We take the frustration, confusion and length of time out of dog adoption.  We will help you find the perfect match for you and your family.  We work closely with you and rescues/fosters to help you adopt the best Jack Russell Terrier.

Your Jack Russell(s) will be neutered/spayed, up to date on all inoculations, microchipped, and ready to join you for a happy companionship.   We stay with you after you have adopted your Jack Russell, and offer support throughout the process with your rescue.

We are the proud parents of many Jack Russells (we call them the Jacks Galore Terriers); some that are quite senior and health challenged.  We know the satisfaction and rewards of adopting a jack into a forever home.  We have been doing it for many years, and many have passed through our doors.

Jacks Galore does not take dogs in waiting to be adopted because we do not have enough space to accommodate dogs long term.  We work with the dogs being adopted and have them come via Jacks Galore on their way to their new forever homes.  We also have some unadoptable lifers that need the accommodations for a comfortable and fulfilling life with us as forever JRTs.

We can make recommendations if you need to place your dog, and offer advice and help if you need direction.

Massachusetts Rescue License # 0098