Happy Father’s Day

Once a year we celebrate all the dads, those of two legged and four-legged children. Here at Jacks Galore our dad has four-legged children and is well known as JG dad.

The most amazing man when it comes to taking care of the rescue’s four-legged critters, there is no dog that he has not loved no matter their character, temperament or age. Every Jack that comes through our doors waiting for their forever home is offered the opportunity for long morning walks by this man, often times up to 5 miles should the dog require it. Sometimes they even need to run that far, but JG dad is there willing and able. All the JRTs can count on JG dad for going up to the agility field and tossing the ball FOREVER, sometimes they do outlast him though!

A quiet summer evening with JG sanctuary Brady


Always asking what the jacks are in need of, he works many hours to make sure the coffers are never empty. Never has JG dad turned away a Jack in need, no matter their age, temperament or health, and often times he will be seen caressing those that are most in need of attention or love, by telling them that we will do everything we can to heal their broken hearts or broken bodies.


Definitely a great dog tester, JG mom is always able to know whether a dog will be good with a man that is tall, or wears a hat, or what their personality is like when he takes them out on long walks or playing ball.



When the time comes to say goodbye to a broken body or soul, then he is always there to hold them, speak softly in their ear and hold them until the bridge has been crossed.  A JG jack will never leave this earth without his love.

Always there to make sure that our 15 sanctuary dogs always have a nice comfy spot to rest on his lap at the end of the day.  When he finds the time to relax outside on a chair contemplating what was or is to come, you can always find a sanctuary Jack on his lap either snoozing or watching for critters in the woods.

Here’s to a happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful human being, best rescue partner if ever there was one, and the best dog dad EVER!! Happy Father’s Day!!

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