Adopt a Jack Russell Terrier

Complete an application and adopt a Jack Russell Terrier

Complete an application!

Jacks Galore wants you to be happy and satisfied with your experience of adopting a rescue Jack Russell Terrier.  We are here to show you that rescue is rewarding and very enjoyable.  Don’t shop, adopt!

Please contact us regarding the amount of the adoption donation.

Please fill out an adoption application which will come directly to us.  This way we can match you up with some perfect jacks.  We work very closely with you on a personal level and want the adoption process to be a satisfying experience.

Success in a forever home means connecting you with some possible dogs that will suit your life style and what you desire in a jack.  We want you to keep coming back to rescue.  This is our goal.  Jacks in need are ever abundant.  Fabulous jacks are waiting to be adopted, they are waiting for you.  Do not hesitate to fill out our simple adoption application form.

We will get back to you within a few days.  Let us show you the rewards of rescue.

We primarily adopt to homes in the New England area (i.e., Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania) although adopters in other states are welcome to apply for adoption.

The adoption process is designed to match the right dog with the right family. Since looks are not all that makes a dog special, we concentrate on personality and compatibility with their new forever home. Please remember that not all Jack Russell Terriers are the same!