Available For Adoption

New dogs, and those waiting for their forever JRT homes!!

We continue to working closely with all of our approved applicants; but do not necessarily have a good match. Rescue takes time.

At this time we are working with some dogs who have just come into rescue. Availability is limited, and some not quite ready for adoption yet.  So many of our dogs require both patience and knowledge in order to thrive.  Often applicants are disappointed, and frustrated, and we do understand, BUT we do the best we can to make sure our jacks, who we know very well, are in a home where they will make everyone happy.

We apologize for the long wait times and inconvenience.  We may not have the type of jack you are looking for, but please reach out to others to see if there might be a jack match for you with another rescue or for more approved jack rescues try the national jack rescue – Russell Rescue at www.russellrescue.com.

When we have jacks available we will post them on our website.  These are the Jack Russell Terriers that need a forever home and are available for adoption.  We bring your attention to only a few of the many Jack Russell Terriers that we are helping to adopt… dogs that might be a perfect choice for you.  You can learn more about each dog by clicking on their photo.




Available Terriers



Please contact Jacks Galore if you have any questions regarding the adoption fee for these fabulous terriers.

You can apply to adopt one of these wonderful Jack Russell Terriers.