Available For Adoption

Working with Jacks in need.  We are partnering with JRT rescues in VA and NC helping jacks needing homes.

We are closely working with our rescue partners to find homes for JRTs being surrendered.

IF YOU WANT TO ADOPT and looking for a jack PLEASE put in an application.  We are working closely with our fellow rescue partners with approved applicants.

For those of you waiting with approved applications – we will continue to work with you to find a great match.

We continue to working closely with all of our approved applicants; but do not necessarily have a good match. Rescue takes time.

Availability is limited, and some not quite ready for adoption yet.  So many of JRTs require both patience and knowledge in order to thrive.  Often applicants are disappointed, and frustrated, and we do understand, BUT we do the best we can to make sure the jacks in need, who we know very well, are in a home where they will make everyone happy.

We apologize for the long wait times and inconvenience. Questions about dog adoption please email us at: jacksgalore@gmail.com