Cruelty and Kindness All in One Day

Pippi dumped off by the side of the road in NYCity, the culprit caught by a Good Samaritan.  “HEY??”, “Not my dog” was the answer as the driver sped off, leaving the person who picked her up quite shocked.

Pippi huddles in her bed

The little dog taken to a neighbor who does Bulldog rescue.  Megan, a foster for the group,  had the rescue’s lead Dean reach out to Jacks Galore. Megan, an amazing savior of dogs, took her immediately to the vet.  Pippi, covered in fleas, way too skinny and full of worms. Welcome to the world little girl.

Megan named her Pippi for the famous Pippi Longstocking who was abandoned by her dad, how fitting indeed. Megan so very kindly used her free Sunday to drive her up to MA where she provided us with all the things Pippa might need.  A crate, some food, harnesses, collar, pee pads and a few stuffed toys. Quick to have bonded with this little girl, Megan shed tears hoping that she will find the home she deserves; a JRT life with love in abundance and the ability to trust once again.

Loved by rescuer Megan, her ears already alert and bright

Already in the 5 days Megan had her, she has begun to blossom.  With yet another change, she is quite scared and very wee, but we will nurse her back to health and allow her to become the JRT she is meant to be.

Only a baby, she will visit the vet, get the best puppy food available and we will take small steps to nurse her broken soul and find her the PERFECT forever home. Where she will NOT be abandoned in such a despicable way, but will be loved, adored, and nourished in her life as she learns to trust.

We will keep everyone updated on Pippi’s progress and when she might be ready to take the next step into her happy future.

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