Bea, A Perfect Rescue

Bea’s story is a success story of the purest kind. Pack of Jacks, one of our rescue partners in West Virginia, works very closely with some local shelters who turn to us when a Jack Russell is in need. Along with husband Clint, boys Bear and Ellis, the 3 jacks and the cat, they foster and nurture the Jack Russells that come through their doors before sending them on their way to Massachusetts.

On the way home from the shelter

Occasionally Chelle and JG mom change course and we wonder what’s best for a particular Jack that lands in her lap. So, when asked to take in a very senior and very frail Jack Russell who the boys named Bea, our original plan of sending him to Massachusetts just didn’t seem right. After numerous vet visits, it was decided that he would live out his life, which we assumed would not be long, with Pack of Jacks. After incredible support from our JRT/POJ/JG community with donations of toys, beds, food, and financial help, Bea took many trips to the vet, and started gaining strength.

Bear loving Bea





With an excellent diet, lots of love and attention, with that strength a little Jack Russell appeared. A little bit of an attitude, bit of play, and much enjoyment for being outside in the yard with all of the animals. Showered with love by Bear, and with the gentle hand of the entire family, Bea discovered himself and learned the true meaning of fighting to stay alive.

They were still some bad days, some days when he wasn’t feeling well or perhaps still had some pain, and he could get cranky. Now we were not sure if with his good health returning whether he wouldn’t be best in a home that might be a little less active with fewer distractions.

POJ jacks nurturing their new roomie

Lo and behold, a previous Jacks Galore adopter as well as a follower of Pack of Jacks reached out to ask if perhaps they could adopt Bea. St. Francis the patron saint of animals was there looking after all of us, especially Bea.

A healthy Bea

With much trepidation and heartbreak, POJ mom decided a quieter life would be best for this senior dog. This is rescue; where you agree to take in a failing older dog, with the support of our JRT community do everything within your means at the vet, nurture and love a sweet gentle JRT, and watch it spring back to life and share its happiness with its human family. Then, you break your heart and allow this dog who you adored to move on to its next phase in its life.

New home, sunny bed






Adoption, of the best kind! A fabulous Jack Russell couple, with another JRT for company, a quiet home and the willingness to do everything they can to keep his health going strong.

This is why we do rescue; this is why we have our hearts broken so often, because we fall in love, deeply. When the pictures come in and the tail is wagging, sharing a bed with his new four-legged roommate, and prancing on the leash as he strolls on his walk, then, THEN you know you’ve done good.

This is a love story. This is rescue done right


Bea’s forever home, sharing a quiet moment in the sun with his new best pal

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