Father’s Day

Father’s Day is certainly a time to thank all of the men in our lives who mean a lot to each of us as individuals, but also to those men who do so much for the community, society, children of any age,  and of course for the dogs in our lives too! I hope that all the men who have been fathers to any living creature and cared for them are celebrated today.

I know there’s one man in JG mom’s life who is very important. Who every day, continues to care for all of the four-legged children in his life. During our 38 years of marriage, there’s never been a dog he has not loved.

At Jacks Galore all of the Jack Russells that come through our doors have learned that men are kind, that they will take you for extra-long walks even on hot and humid days if he starts early, and will traipse through the woods and be covered in ticks but still sit for hours on a rock while you dig a hole knowing there is nothing there.

They will learn that he’s always there to snow blow paths on the agility field so they can play ball even if it’s freezing cold and you need two coats to keep warm, that he will spare no expense to making sure the heat is nice and toasty in the kennels even if it means the electricity bill is astronomical, that he will run errands to get extra treats if we run out, and will go to the vet emergency any time of night driving that hour if it means he can save your life.



He will tell JG mom that yet another dog may come in the house if it saves its life ,that he will clean up pee that’s left behind after they walk through the dog door, and that he will get up extra early to work to make sure there’s enough money in the bank to take care of you.

This gentle man will also cuddle the JRTS and whisper sweet nothings in their ears, and he will never say no when another dog is in need to come into rescue. Howard will nurture you after surgery or you are not feeling well, and when that time comes for you to cross the bridge he will hold you in his arms and you will know you have been loved.



I am very grateful for this very special “dad”, and every Jack Russell who has the opportunity to be loved by him knows that he’s the best.

Happy Father’s Day Howard! You are the rock for every Jack Russell that has ever passed through these JG rescue doors.

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