A Senior “Moment”

We have been very much out of touch since this pandemic has thrown the world into disarray, including the rescue. As of late, it seems JG mom can never muster up anything new to write.  BUT now we are slowly seeing more new jacks, having been busy lately helping others in need.

Now we are reaching out to some of the applicants to see if we can find some matches.  Some of you have been hanging on since last year, and we are connecting with you first IF we think the JRT for you has come looking for their new forever home.

One such case is T. Rex, who already has a forever home, but whose story explains why we are always so glad we are hanging on for these little white dogs.  Oh boy and does Jacks Galore love the seniors. An elder statesman of the breed, T. Rex acquired his name when JG’s ultimate foster’s 4 year old son decided that was who he was.  All 9 pounds of him.  After all, he was named Jack Jack by the shelter and really people; no, we cannot have another Jack.  Therefore, “Bear” of  Pack of Jacks was given naming rights since HE was going to be showing him the ropes while he waited to head north to MA.

“Bear” and his charge

When one of our favorite WV shelters reached out asking our rescue partner Chelle and JG to help a little old JRT in need, of course we jumped to the chance to find him the perfect home.  Dropped off as a stay, the “finder” forgot her dog was chipped and lo and behold, he was not a stray but a “dump”.  Evidently, he was no longer wanted, so we now had the opportunity to help another oldie.

Who does not love a senior jack in need of a forever home?  Previous adopters Pia and Jack jumped at the chance of adopting him, as their third JG senior had just crossed the bridge. T. Rex, of  unknown age, may not have a real long life ahead of him, but he still very much so has that terrier spunk and a sweet gentleness that begs for adoration. His new hoomans will give him the time of his life in what he has remaining, months, years perhaps.



The dogs we love so much tend to surprise us repeatedly.  Another good save and this is what your support does.  Allows us to step in for a little old man with no teeth, but a whole lot of love to give.  THIS was a story to share.

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