Zelda – A Jack with a Broken heart – Literally

ADOPTED!!!  A previous adopter stepped up to give her a life, a happy loving forever home, however short or long that might be.  THANK YOU for all your interest with this little angel of a jack – Zelda is a seven month old black and white rough coat female shorty…

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Fourteen Breeders

Fourteen Jack Russells in need arrived at JG on a sunny spring March day, after a two car pickup lead by JG mom with our trusted dog sitter and closest friend Terry. Thank you to our new rescue partner Maria for asking us to help her save these shy, but…

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The Puppy Mill Five

Here is their story.  A rescue was referred to us when a Jack Russell backyard breeder, which we refer to as puppy mills, passed away. The family did not know what to do with the dogs, although we understand they sold some in the meantime “as long as they get…

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101 Jack Russells Adopted

2019 was a very good year for 101 Jack Russell Terriers (not Dalmatians) who found their forever homes. These little terriers that came to us looking for a new future ranged from puppies of only a few weeks old, to teenagers, and quite a few seniors that many would consider…

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Another Save

Living outside 24/7 behind an empty house with another dog, enduring very snowy cold winters and hot humid summers, this delightfully sweet nine-year-old female JRT, named Patty by her savior, came to us so she can finally know the true meaning of being cared for. A 13 pound black-and-white smooth…

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Who Am I?

I am a puppy mill dog. I came from a horrible place in New Jersey. I have been bred every chance possible. I have lived in a crate since the day I was born. I have never known the kindness of human touch. My paws have most likely never touched…

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The NJ Crew Make Progress

We finally have gotten to know the crew well enough to be able to name them, which we did with the help of all of you. So many fabulous names were submitted and it was very difficult to choose, but in the end, the dogs named themselves! Four of these…

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A Four Pack

Dumped at an old abandoned farm building, our four pack of jacks came to us in desperate need of forever homes. They came a little feral, with a little fear, but with an enormous amount of desire to love and to do good. Three brothers, about a year old, now…

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Thank You ALL

Jacks Galore is very fortunate to not only have such amazing support from so many JRT lovers, our adopters, and people who consider our rescue work important and believe in our mission, but also a Jack Russell rescue network that likes to help each other in time of great need….

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We NEED Your Help

With the very large influx of the Russell Refuge dogs into Jacks Galore’s fold, we’re reaching out to all of our supporters and hopefully some new fans, asking everyone to step up and help us reach our fundraising goal of $15,000. JG mom’s sister has already pledged $5000 as a…

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