The Cruelty of it All

Jacks Galore and rescue partner Chelle said farewell to Dasher. By the time you read this, we will have seen Dasher cross the bridge to freedom and health.

Rescue is there to save lives, it is about placing them in forever homes with loving families who let their dog sleep under the covers, snuggle on the sofa and give them good meals and keep them healthy.

Rescue is there to end suffering too, and when crisis hits one needs to make decisions that break the heart so that many will never comprehend. Rescue is about being strong, hurting when others do not see it, and shedding tears more than even those know when losing a beloved companion. Rescue is about doing it over and over and over again.


On December 20th JG mom and our rescue partner Chelle had to make one such difficult decision, and together we will shed more tears than you will ever know. For the umpteenth time our hearts have been broken. We will mourn yet another life broken by cruel humans, where the breeding is for monetary gain and no care is given to the soul of the innocent.

Dasher was inbred, and as it so often happens with such breeding, the nervous system is compromised.  A brain lesion causing irreversible nerve damage where the system goes out of control and the body cannot regulate its movements and the mind shuts down where life is invisible to the senses. Now she is at peace, she has been given another chance at calm.

While she was with Pack of Jacks she knew the warmth of a hand, the breathe of a little boy, the soothing cream on her toes and the security of a donut bed wrapped in soft fleece.


As she made her way across the golden fields she was helped gently, she was soothed as she spun out of control and she took her last breathe knowing it was the right thing to do – she is safe, she is no longer in pain, she is gone.

RIP Dasher – we mourn your passing but we rejoice in your short life.

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