Smooch is a 2-year-old tricolor male, smooth coat Jack Russell who weighs approximately 13 pounds. Smooch came into our care when we were contacted by a local shelter. Smooch was purchased as a puppy and taken to the shelter because they had no idea what they had brought into their family.  The breed JRT was unknown to them and realized they had chosen incorrectly. The shelter was told he had way too much energy.

It is now evident that Smooch is a JRT to the core.  A wired little dog with too much energy, high high prey drive, and a lot of enthusiasm for life.  AND he loves fully.  The sweetest jack, the one so wanting to please and be understood for the breed he is.



What is ideal for this amazing youngster? A family who has a fenced yard, dog door would be great, and a lot of love and time to allow him to blossom.  He can be so calm when he is able to release all that stored up energy, and long walks help as do zoomies in the yard.

Very well housetrained, he travels nicely in the car. Smooch does need to be an only dog. This young man walks great on leash and will give you a run should you care to engage!! Nose work or go to ground is something we know sure he would excel at!!

Smooch knows basic commands, is super intelligent and so willing to learn.  Any true jack person will understand the potential of this handsome JRT.

A dog worthy of a Jack Russell home with love to spare. Apply to Adopt Smooch