Julie is a 3-year-old brown and white broken coat Parsons Jack Russell female. Julie weighs in at a delicate 12 pounds. This lovely sweet jack came to us because she was not getting along with the other females in the house.

We are working very closely with the breeder’s consent to find her the appropriate active home. That home will be very specific to Julie’s needs.



A very high-energy girl, she’s super smart and has very high prey drive. Julie requires a fenced yard where she can play ball and do zoomies in order to release her enthusiasm for hunting.


We want Julie to have the opportunity to participate in dog sports; she would excel at barn hunt, agility and most likely be super at nose work. Julie walks beautifully on leash, is nicely housetrained, and crate trained.  Despite her enormous energy levels she is a great snuggler, under the covers is a favorite spot, and being with her person very important. Julie might take well to a mellow male.

This beautiful girl requires a very specific home so that she can be the JRT she was bred to be. Apply to Adopt Julie