Jeb is 2 year tri color rough coat male Jack Russell Terrier weighing a conditioned 16 pounds. Jeb came into our care with his half-sister Ellie (who has since been successfully adopted), when a family with a health crisis contacted one of our rescue partners. Their owner, with terminal bone cancer, is in a family coping with small children and care of the home.

Jeb was purchased from a breeder the family knew. Still very much a puppy he is HIGH energy active! Jeb loves stuffy toys, chew bones, the ball and anything he can run around with in his mouth.







This JRT played very well with his half-sister, they both had the same rough housing manic style, chased each other for hours, and being very vocal. Extremely athletic he walks great on a leash, and is a high prey drive terrier. A very affectionate jack he loves people and can be very snuggly when he has exhausted his enthusiasm.  Jeb is housetrained, crate trained and rides well in the car.

There is no doubt Jeb was a loving part of their family. This JRT needs to find a secure spot once again where he can thrive and continue to enjoy much activity, play and affection. Jeb is very dominant and plays rough, but happily with his partner Ellie. Another dog would have to be highly playful, submissive, and full of energy for it to be a match. He can be selective. Jeb can play chase forever, never tiring out. 

A fenced yard is truly imperative for this JRT so he can run enthusiastically. Ball chasing also seems to be something he enjoys, although retrieving is not in his repertoire! A very loving happy jack, who deserves to be in a home once again.

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