Jaimie is an 11-year-old brown and white rough coat female Jack Russell Terrier who weighs 17 sturdy pounds. Sadly, her human went into a nursing home and so the local ACO requested we help her.  Gladly we agreed to step up for this amazingly ENERGETIC JRT.

There is no stopping her – energy is her game.  After our first 3-mile “run”, I would have thought she was more like 3 years.  A gorgeous, very sweet girl who needs to have her life restored.







A high-energy very prey driven jack, all the traits we love in this breed are in this package.  Jaimie is housebroken, and travels well in the car.  Great at the vet and a star at the shelter. Adores her stuffies.

Jaimie lived with another dog who passed two years ago, but she seems more interested in playing with her toys and hunting than interacting with another dog. Anyone who wants a true Russell will embrace this active happy dog.

After a dental and a thorough vetting with stellar bloodwork, there are many more years ahead in this girl’s life.  Jaimie will certainly keep her new person very very active.

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