Biggie is a 9 pound, 4 month old brown and white smooth coat female puppy whose mom was a Jack Russell and whose dad we assume to be a Chihuahua.

Biggie’s mom came into rescue with her four pups from a breeder who had overextended himself. Mom and Biggie’s three siblings were all adopted and are thriving.

Biggie is relatively long legged, but still a dainty jack mix who will grow to be a perfect carrying size!  She is already  housetrained and crate trained.  Biggie is super smart and learning quickly.

This dear JRT mix loves other dogs, playing chase and running around with toys in her mouth. At first a little shy, but a pistol when she knows her hoomans.







Currently living with the senior sancturay jacks who give her no heed, and her desire to play is thwarted. She is lonely, and sad now that her roomate S’mores was adopted. Lots of love and patience is what this sweet little girls needs.  Her hooman MUST be out there.

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