Dogs should dress the part

Hunting season is in full swing in the Berkshires of MA and many other states, so walking in the woods means using caution. We dress the jacks in bright orange vests and wear them ourselves.

There are lots of sources for safety vests, but we’ve found that smaller ones that fit a jack are hard to find, at least at decent cost or quality. Two catalogues we like are the Orvis Dog Catalogue (and all they carry; but pricey) and Ugly Dog Hunting, enjoyable just for the hunting dog pictures. Their stuff is made for hunting dogs but seems to only fit the long legged jacks and still a smidgen too large, so we have to do some creative dressing as Roy demonstrates heading out on his walk.

A good thing about these vests (as for humans) is the added safety advantage for early morning walks on roads or sidewalks so drivers and bikers can see you. A reflective vest in your wardrobe is an added safety measure for jaunts in the neighborhood. With winter approaching, morning and evening walks are usually done in the dark. The Whole Dog Journal, another marvelous no advertisement dog publication, has monthly tips, one about walking in the dark

visible while walking in the woods

visible while walking in the woods

Protect yourself and your dog with a vest for these outings. If anyone knows of a good source for quality small orange vests, let us know!!

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