Adopter Updates

There is no greater joy in rescue than getting updates from our adopters about their jack’s progress, antics, and news of their new companion’s daily lives. There is also no more satisfying moment when someone comes back to adopt their second, third, or sometimes fourth Jack Russell! For the many Jack Russells that have passed through our doors, we always make a point of staying in touch with our JRTs for at least a short while; until we feel confident that the match was a good one, they are being loved, and are not giving their new family any problems.

Looking for trouble

Sometimes we get updates on a regular basis, and often time pictures are sent not only to our email but to our text message as well. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that the jacks that have come to us looking for a forever home have found more than what they expected; a life filled with lots of love, activity, attention, and people who adore them. I always remind our extended family that you can never send us enough pictures and happy notes; especially on days when rescue work seems insurmountable, and nothing seems to go right.  It is then when I turn on my computer for the evening’s work and see happy emails with pictures of tongues hanging out, sleeping jacks and smiling faces come into my inbox; this allows me to smile before I turn in for the night.

Doing what jacks do best

Just the other day adopters Diane and her husband John sent me a wonderful two year anniversary email. I’d love to share her note with all of you, because this confirms why we do rescue, and the reason the dogs are so very important to all of us. Thank you Diane and John for the most wonderful email at a time when we needed it most. And to all of you, who have adopted from us, please know we are always grateful for updates, knowing that the dogs you have taken into your hearts from Jacks Galore are sharing a wonderful life with you.

Their email reads as follows:

“Yesterday made two years that this little guy shot out of your car like a cannon!!! He’s come such a long way since then.

He’s learned what it means to be a real Jack Russell and that it’s O.K. to be one. He’s learned what it means to be a dog and to play like a dog that is part of his family. He’s learned to relax with us when it’s time. He’s learned how wonderful it feels to snuggle and the security that comes with that. He’s learned how to be king of his home but yet still follow the rules, most of the time, which are few anyhow. He’s learned the feeling of sleeping under the covers with mom and dad. He’s learned what it means to be part of a family, not just living with a family. He’s learned how to blow off steam in an acceptable manner. His biggest accomplishments have been to love and allowing us to love him in return, but most of all trust!!! He’s finally able to completely trust us and he finally knows that he can relax now and that he’s home!

John and Diane loving Max

And what he’s given us in return; he makes us laugh daily! He snuggles us when he knows we are sad or stressed. He takes us for daily walks. He lets us know when we’ve over explained to him about the naughty things he’s doing by listening intently to us and then talking back. He scares off that man that comes to the door daily with the newspaper, thank goodness, because who knows how many times in the past 730 days that that man would have come in the house after us!!! He’s given us so many new fun memories. But most of all he’s showed us how to love unconditionally and he’s taught us patience! We couldn’t be more blessed than to have Max in our lives. Thank you so much for introducing him to us.”



Catching zzzzzzzs



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