Zoe, Tiny Firecracker

Zoe was ADOPTED and went home to PA with her new mom, dad, and new dog pal Sammy, a very VERY large dog.  It was love at first sight for everyone.  A life with her retired fur parents, playing with her new four legged friend and an enormous amount of love and attention.  Upon arrival at her new forever home she jumped into dad’s lap and gave tons of face kisses as if to say, yep I am here to stay!!!!

Meet Zoe, a 4 year old wee shorty smooth coat female jack. She was adopted from the shelter to a forever home and then her dad ended up in the hospital with a terminal illness. Back she went again to the shelter just two years later. This time she went in with a large (like HUGE) senior dog pal. Luckily a kind rescue person pulled both and is keeping the old large mixed breed as a forever family member and asked me to find a home for Zoe. Easy to do: what’s not to love about little Zoe?


Zoe wants that ball

She is clean, adorable, small (MAYBE 10 pounds), active, likes those ball tosses, cuddly and loves other dogs, even the girls after she has shown them who is boss. She is quiet and well behaved in her crate (but not too long please) and enjoys the walks in the woods where there’s lots to smell and explore. She is a straggler making sure all leaves, rocks and trees have been inspected by her.  Zoe is gentle with all people, wants to meet you at her level and thinks gentle kids are a plus to have around for all the attention she likes to get. She is curious about life, enjoys watching the world and has a shrill squeal when she wants you to know she’s waiting for you to come and get her for some activity or to meet someone. She walks well on a leash, and enjoys the time spent with her person and looking at what the world has to offer.

She gets cold quickly, not much there to keep her warm, so in winter she’ll need to be bundled up for her outside dailies!!!

Zoë is a beauty, just another great rescue jack that is waiting for that forever home.


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