Who Am I?

I am a puppy mill dog.

I came from a horrible place in New Jersey. I have been bred every chance possible.


I have lived in a crate since the day I was born. I have never known the kindness of human touch. My paws have most likely never touched grass. My crate was my house, my bedroom and my bathroom. I know no other space.

I have never been walked on a leash, and a collar is a foreign object. I have only been picked up by the scruff of my neck, and it was never done gently. I have always wagged my tail asking for kindness. When my crate door opens, I live in fear. Some of us were never let out of our crates, ever, and the doors had rusted shut.

The sound of a bird, the drop of a leaf, the car on a road, the clap of hand, the slam of a door; all of this scares me.

Will you adopt me?



I am most likely not housetrained, I never want to live in a crate again, I do not know what a leash is, attached to my collar it causes me pain and fear.



I will run scared and fast from anything I do not know – everything frightens me.

Do not raise your hand, even in kindness, because I fear from things above.

I might never like your friends, family or strangers coming into our home.


I need to learn to trust for I do not know people to be nice.

I will wag my tail but I will back away when you come for me.

The world is new to me, I need to learn everything from the beginning, and I need my new person to guide the way.


I would like another dog as a companion to show me the way and offer me the companionship I have only ever known.

I want my human to know I will try but that I am very scared of them and my settling in and understanding your ways may take weeks, months, and maybe even years before I am whole; some of us may never heal.

I will be a challenge, I will make many mistakes, but I will always try and I am always willing to learn if you will give me a chance.



You will need an enormous amount of patience. If I try to run away, it is not because I do not love you; it is because you have inadvertently done something that bothers me deeply, something you will have to learn as we move on together.



I deserve a new life; I deserve to know that a human hand is gentle and that it will scratch behind my ears, give me tummy rubs, and will sooth me when I am scared. I am looking for that special human, I am willing to wait, and I want to give you my trust.

Please remember I am a Jack Russell and with that comes a double challenge.


Are you willing to take it?

We are the NJ crew that will be ready first, we are Pippa, Adelaide, Woolly, Winston, Vinnie and Snickers.