Transport Volunteers

People often wonder how the dogs make it to Jacks Galore, and there certainly are a multitude of avenues for getting a dog to the rescue. Most people bring their dogs to us, but most importantly we have an amazing group of volunteers who stand by ready to transport for us as well as some professionals who come from far field. But we truly rely mostly on the gift of kind people who give of their time, miles, gas and sometimes even their wings to get our Jack Russells to safety here in Massachusetts.

Charlie with his PNP pilot

PNP pilot Jeff (rt) and pal John escort Whitten and Bella

The coordination can be daunting, but eventually in the end the stars align and the dogs make it to our door. One amazing group is Pilots and Paws, also lovingly known as PNP, a wonderful charitable organization that dispatches pilots who love to fly and enjoy saving animals.  They meet our transporters and coordinators at a local airport and fly their charges who have come from rescues or shelters to their final landing spot. Jacks Galore has been fortunate enough to have benefitted from their services in the past, and all of these men, women and often times their family members and friends who partake, are so delightfully dedicated and very much find satisfaction of having facilitated the transfer of not just one, but oftentimes many dogs on multiple flying legs to their final destination.

Individuals who live close to a shelter or who volunteer for a Humane have often stepped up to meet us part way, often giving up their whole day in doing so.  Of course we have our trusted regulars who are always there with a yes when called upon to pick up a dog and deliver it to JG. Rhonda, Daniela, Dawn, Lisa, Neva and Annette as well as Lizzie have all been there to raise their hands if the need arises. Some wonderful new friends have joined our team; Misty in Alabama, Chelle in WV and Heather in MD to name a few who have provided help and often in last-minute emergency situations.

Misty and Opal

Safely tucked into crates or buckled in their seatbelts, and some on leashes when going by ferry, the transport can often be counted in days and most times just a short hop jump and skip for them to then land at our door. JG mom puts thousands of miles on the JG Subaru every year, but this means that we can help more dogs if people are unable to connect with us directly.

rescue Metro always accompanies Daniela on her transports; on the ferry

So a big shout out and a huge thank you to all of you who have been there for us; to pick up, transport and help these dogs come to the safety of rescue where we know they will find their forever homes. Without our volunteer support we would be nowhere, rescue relies on these people 100%. Knowing that they are always willing to do what they can to be of help, makes our job in rescue so much easier. Once again teamwork is the golden rule.

Lisa waits with Willow at the airport

It means we can help more Jack Russells find their way to us. And once they have landed in our care we know that even though it may not be today, or tomorrow, we do know that they eventually will find that family to call their own.

JG Subaru good luck charm gifted by JG alum Dixie Angel’s mom

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