The TN Five

Russell Rescue Tennessee contacted Jacks Galore to help with nine Jack Russells brought to a shelter after the owner died, we of course agreed. Working together, all nine made it out of the shelter with five of the jacks headed up north.

Lucy, our hairless wonder

Sadly the elderly woman was also a hoarder of “things” not just her Jack Russells, so the dogs didn’t live in exactly ideal circumstances. Some skin issues, flea allergies, but nothing that cannot be fixed with good food and a clean environment. There is absolutely one thing that’s true though, they were loved. Very sweet and longing for affection, they are a little shy and are not quite sure what has befallen them. The shelter took good care of them, and one of our little boys named Bob by the staff, and renamed Toast, has already found his forever home.


We are not sure about their breeding circumstances or heritage, but the four we have here at the rescue are all adorable, the same age, similar in size and coloring. Only Fred is brown and white the rest are tri colored, all are smooth coats. There is a very good chance they may be related.


One of the little girls, Lucy, has a genetic quirk and never grew any hair. Our vet is sure that she was not bred hairless. Extremely sweet, tiny, and a fireball of energy, Lucy is a definite bossy pants and alpha of the entire pack. She will be best as an only child, absolutely adores her people, but also wants to manage everything around her!


Fred the one male appears to be closely bonded with Tammy. They are rooming together and seem to enjoy each other’s company. Fred is extremely affectionate, sings when he sees you and it is obvious that the most important thing for him is to sit on your lap giving kisses and be close to his human. Tammy on the other hand is high energy, loves to chase after the ball (doesn’t bring it back) and just runs around but always making sure she comes back to give kisses and be petted.

Tammy enjoys the ball









Lady is also a lovely girl who performs zoomies on the field, and enjoys sniffing for bunnies. Also extremely affectionate and longing for someone to hug her, like her roommates she is definitely a dog that looks forward to snuggling with her humans.

These dogs have never been leash walked and most likely only stayed in the home. They will need to learn what it means to go walking, but they do appear to be somewhat housetrained although we suspect that they will need a refresher course on what it means to go outside.

Soon we hope they will be once again in a forever home where they have many years ahead of learning new skills and being encouraged to play like jacks.

How glad we are that we were asked to help, what a joy to see their enthusiasm when running around in the agility ring. How wonderful to see them living life.

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