The Puppy Mill Five

Here is their story.  A rescue was referred to us when a Jack Russell backyard breeder, which we refer to as puppy mills, passed away. The family did not know what to do with the dogs, although we understand they sold some in the meantime “as long as they get out of the house”. A rescue who knew of them locally stepped in to try to help.


She’s done an amazing job finding rescues and adopters for the majority of them, but still had five that needed to be adopted by terrier people and she turned to us. We were glad we could help, and they are all now safely ensconced at Jacks Galore. Like our New Jersey 188ers that we pulled this past summer, these kids need to have homes with other dogs, people who are willing to be patient and let them know that there is no longer any reason to fear humans.  They need hard fences.

Four of them are rough coats, all of them are shortys, one boy, four girls, and one of those girls is a smooth coat. Let me introduce you to the new members of JG looking for their forever homes.

Angelina, the friendliest most outgoing and tiniest of the group, a little brown and white rough coat who weighs a wee 9 pounds. She is probably around 9 years old, incredibly sweet and feels a lot better now that she has had a full dental and some teeth removed. Angie, as we call her here, gets along with every dog, is extremely affectionate with her humans and definitely a pocket jack. She loves to run around and be active hunting mice on the agility field, but she also so desperately wants to be held and cuddled.



Our next little girl is Peppermint, little tri color smooth coat pocket JRT who weighs 9 pounds, but definitely a little more shy. Peppermint so wants attention, but is very head shy and does come to you to be petted but remains very alert to any strange movements that might frighten her. She too gets along with all dogs and loves to play and run around. She is the youngest of the group at age 6.

The sole boy of the group, Percy, has an enormous amount of enthusiasm and energy but has only now after a few weeks mustered the nerve to come and allow me to handle him.  Still lots of fear there, but so desperate to be loved. Percy is about 6 years old, brown and white in color, he weighs 13 pounds with adorable stocky legs.






Another of the four girls Lucy, an 11-year-old brown and white female who definitely has had the roughest time of all. The chunkiest at 15 pounds, bred repeatedly, this poor girl had a severe internal infection our vet found when she was spayed and thank goodness, we caught it on time. Lucy has now totally healed and is ready to go home after her upcoming dental. She adores people and is the most outgoing of all the JRTs; definitely longs for love and affection. She just gushes when a person pays attention to her but also gets along with all dogs.


Our last member of the  batch of five is Frances; she is a tri color female who weighs about 12 pounds.  Of the five, she is the most quiet and fearful of all. She gets along with all dogs, is not at all confident and has no trust in humans. She has made huge headway reluctantly coming to me but turning her head away yet allowing me to stroke her head and body, not yet wanting to recognize that I am there. As you pet her, she trembles quietly. She will run away from any other person to bolt and cower. Her stance so sad, so depressed; but a gentle hand we hope will soon help her heal.



These five JRTs are so adorable, so yearning to know the kind stroke of a hand, the warmth of a lap and a routine that will allow them to blossom into the jacks they were born to be.  They are a work in progress, but just in the time we have had them in our care they have come such a long way. All five of them will make wonderful companions, and with the guidance of another dog will certainly learn the ropes of being in a home.  The reward will be great, the journey challenging, but amazingly satisfying seeing how much they are able to adapt to their new environment with patience, love and the guidance of those willing to help them learn.  Please consider what joy such an adoption will bring.


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