The NJ Crew Needs

We are going to try to make sense of the little jacks that came into our care this past week and let you know how they are doing as we go along. The most important thing is they made it safely to Jacks Galore and now we are working with them to get to know them, assess their needs, and see how we will move forward.

NJ boy jack

Fuzzy NJ boy jack


We want to thank everybody for your incredible support both verbally and financially, and many supporters have been asking what they can buy and send.



At this point vetting is the highest priority so your monetary donations have been very helpful. They will have to be spayed or neutered, bloodwork done, microchipped, and almost all of them need dentals.

We are sailing through bleach, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and paper towels, so gift cards for Walmart is always helpful as we shop tax-free there and that is where we get our various cleaning supplies.

No toys needed, and right now, they do not seem to want to chew on anything to keep themselves busy. We are hoping that will change that they will not only learn to play but engage with something to keep them mentally stimulated.

So unfortunately, there is nothing at this point that we need for the dogs other than us keeping them clean and getting them vetted.

Fuzzy NJ gal jack

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