The NJ Crew Make Progress

We finally have gotten to know the crew well enough to be able to name them, which we did with the help of all of you. So many fabulous names were submitted and it was very difficult to choose, but in the end, the dogs named themselves!


Four of these JRTs headed up to Dawn in northern New York; a most trusted adopter, foster and dear friend. At her home, she will work with the ones JG deemed most in need of special time and effort. When asked, Dawn agreed to take on this Herculean task (which she did for us once before with the closing of the Refuge)



Do not forget these were breeding jacks. It seems to me, by reading all of the postings of many of the other shelters and rescues, at the rate at which they are being adopted out, that people are forgetting they are puppy mill dogs. Dogs that have lived in crates all of their lives, stacked on top one of another; very few of them having ever seen the light of day let alone felt grass at the bottom of their paws. Any socialization beyond breeding was nonexistent. And by the look of the scars and the condition of their skin, this was often not a very pleasant experience.



The ages of these dogs are uncertain, as there was no paperwork, so our vet made an educated guess when they were spayed and neutered.  As first responders, the vets at St. Huberts did the same.

Dawn will work with Snooki, a four-year-old rough coat female; Fawkes a 5-year-old petite rough coat male, Lottie a 3-year-old rough coat female who we feel has suffered the most at the hand of the breeder, and finally Duncan, a three-year-old broken coat male who lost his one eye to an ulcerated cornea. (No pictures of Duncan available.) The rest are here with us at Jacks Galore, and we will work with these NJ jacks at the rescue finding them homes once we believe they are ready to move on to the next step in their lives.



Woolly Bear, Winston, Pippa, Adelaide, Snickers, Xena, Vinnie will hopefully be starting on their forever journey soon. Thank you for helping us and we will tell you about them all soon!

Vinnie, a 3 year old rough coat long legged male, is pictured in the top header.

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