The Gift of Giving

The year seems to have gone by extremely quickly, and with that JG mom noticed that she did not kept up very well with news towards the end of the year; I have truly neglected our webpage. The technology of social media keeps the rescue very busy and that is in addition of course to the most important task we have; taking care of all the jacks in our care. We nurture an average of 33 jacks!


But as the year comes to a close, we do want to take a moment and thank all of you, every single one of you that contributed financially, became a monthly donor, supported us during our matching fundraisers, sent us wonderful letters, joyful photographs, email updates about our charges in their new homes, who alerted us on Facebook and on email of JRTs in need, and to all of you who have stepped up to volunteer, to donate, and of course most importantly, to adopt! We have an amazing community, a group of loyal jack russell lovers who continue to bring us much joy with news and stories about their jacks.

Sanctuary Star

We are very proud that this year has brought us so many wonderful homes, forever families who have reached out to take in one (or two) of our charges as forever family members. With the retirement of Russell Refuge we were thrilled to have been able to step in and help those dogs take their next step in life and join their new families, with only a few remaining here at the rescue awaiting their families to arrive. Although the numbers needing to come in seems endless, JG helped as many as we were able, we’re very pleased to have found homes for more than 150 four-legged critters this year. Everyone stepped up, everyone reached out, and we still have so many people with applications waiting to take in one of Jacks Galore’s jacks.

We hope that during this festive season you will all take the time to look at the people and animals that surround us and appreciate what we all have in our lives. I know that we here at the rescue are very grateful, that we are blessed with the ability to help these dogs with your support, that we are able to devote a lot of love, time and energy in helping those that are broken, those that are physically challenged, the elderly and those crazy healthy little dogs that have come here seeking our assistance.

Sanctuary Brady hunting


We look forward to 2018, in hopes that you will continue to back our mission in any way you are able. We hope everyone enjoys the holiday ahead, and that everyone will find the time to love their dogs and promise them that they are forever safe until they cross the bridge at the end of their lives.

Happy New Year and thank you from the bottom of all the little Jack Russell hearts; and ours!!!!

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