Thank You for Being Part of our Success

It’s hard to believe that yet another year is passing by, November came quickly and our wonderful adopter and volunteer Deborah whisked our annual JG calendar together once again. Thank goodness, all of our adopters and supporters send pictures of their wonderful jacks. What is it about these Jack Russell Terriers that just makes us want to help save so many little white shaggy dogs?

Bosco and Tracker

It’s been absolutely crazy at Jacks Galore, the year started off slow and then the floodgates opened. We had so many seniors come in needing forever homes, so many dogs with illnesses and dental problems, but every step of the way all of you have been there to help us make sure that these dogs had a chance at a fulfilling loving life with a new family. Our seniors all found forever homes.


Our vet, Dr. Ray Reiners, always had room for us to come in, and took care of every single dog that needed his help. Surgeries, dentals and checkups included. The once a year fundraiser was immensely successful and over the course of the year even though we didn’t ask, when more help was needed you were all there. We had our special problems, we had several breeder dumps, many little dogs coming up and needing quick help, and then there were many special cases where the heartbreaking sadness thank goodness was outdone by much joy.

Domino was only with us for a couple of hours before we let him go, free of his pain and misery. Our five Parvo puppies, dumped on the side of the road mercilessly left to die. Despite our valiant efforts and the loving warmth of their foster Pack of Jacks, not one of them made it. We cannot forget Duke whose owner unfortunately had no funds to save his life, so thank goodness we were asked to help, and now he is blossoming in his new home in full health. We have had several breeder dumps whose dogs no longer could produce any moneymaking litters or the puppies unable to be sold, and so working with rescue partners we welcomed them to JG. Saddest of all was Pippi, tossed on the side of the road like garbage, but witnessed by a Good Samaritan; now there is no happier, healthier little pup blossoming in her new home. And who can forget Bea? Convinced he was near end-of-life, he rallied with the help of wonderful vetting and foster care, blossomed in his forever-loving home living the life every senior Jack should know.

Bea living the life



As we move on in 2023, Jacks Galore is going to be slowing down. Going in a different direction, the rescue will focus on our sanctuary dogs, senior jacks and work closely with our rescue partners with future saves and adoptions. Jacks Galore will always be here, here for our adopters, all of our JG alumni that now are living a wonderful life, helping those dogs in need and the people who can no longer keep them. We have formed an amazing coterie of Jack Russell humans, adopters, rescuers, vets, transporters, JRT supporters and many, MANY volunteers.




If there’s anything I ask of any of you who buy our calendar, follow our Facebook page, check in on our website and read our blogs, please remember that without every single one of you Jacks Galore would not exist. Nothing would get done, and every time we go to ask for help, when we reach out to all of you, EVERY SINGLE TIME, you have stood by us, you have never let us down. Rescue is a group effort, no single person can do it on their own, and how grateful we are that you all stand behind our mission.

Please love your jacks, be there to help another dog in need, and reach out if we can help. Despite Jack Russells being so often obnoxious, too rambunctious, major troublemakers, killers of rodents, they also know how to make us smile, love them, and laugh hysterically. I don’t think any of us would ever consider another breed no matter how much we say never again!

Maude, healed





I think that we can never say enough THANK YOUS to all of you, for your patience with us, your devotion to these dogs, to your support for the work we do, for the continued encouragement as we move forward, chart a new course and continue to save lives.  Thank You!!

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