Thank You ALL

Jacks Galore is very fortunate to not only have such amazing support from so many JRT lovers, our adopters, and people who consider our rescue work important and believe in our mission, but also a Jack Russell rescue network that likes to help each other in time of great need.


JG what like to thank Russell Rescue who stepped up to the plate with an extremely generous financial donation to help JG with additional vetting and the continued care of the Refuge dogs. So many have already gone to wonderful forever homes, and we’re still working with quite a few of these wonderful jacks to make sure that they become good canine citizens, are healthy and can move on with their future as part of their own family. There are still annual checkups to perform, quite a few dentals are scheduled and one or two small surgeries in the works.

With the donations we have so wonderfully received and this very kind and thoughtful contribution from Russell Rescue, we are able to make sure that all of these dogs get the best care they’re entitled to and will go on to provide wonderful companionship to their humans.


We have always believed that rescue is a group and community effort. The old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” is also very true when it comes to saving dogs, where a single person can save many more lives when part of a group effort. Russell Rescue has been around for a long time, and they were there with Russell Refuge saving Jacks some 40 years ago. Even though the numbers of this breed in need of rescue has grown exponentially, and it has become much more difficult to find the appropriate homes for this crazy dog, it is still evident that there are some very dedicated groups to ensure that as many of the JRT lives are saved as possible.

We want to take this time to thank you all again for standing behind our work, for being part of our efforts, and for keeping us motivated. The many contributions, the kind words, the letters of encouragement, have all given us much pride in our rescue support network.


Thank you from all of the jacks you’ve helped, and are helping; but most of all for standing by us in our time of need.

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