Running out of Patience

I am writing to let you know that there are a few Jack Russells looking for a forever family.

So many of you have been waiting forever that I can no longer keep track except for the stack of applications that I keep going through almost every night when a new dog comes in to see if I have a match. I do ask that you continue to browse the website to see if there are any dogs that might be of interest. All of the dogs in need are currently posted on the website, but unfortunately do not seem to be a match for those that are waiting.

Lil Jack waiting a handful of love and crazy.

Suzie wants an active life

For a variety of reasons the applicants are not interested because either a dog does not get along with other dogs, is not what they’re looking for in terms of looks, the dog absolutely must have a fenced yard, they have high prey drive so a cat would not work or their age might not be what someone had in mind. Those that you see that have been adopted and never make the website have gone to people who have waited the longest and whose application is a perfect match.

The pandemic truly has thrown our rescue under the bus, and even though you do see dogs posted as adopted, it has been a slog for all of us: the dogs coming in and those of you that are waiting. I know many of you have lost patience and have moved on, and I totally understand. I have not meant to ignore or neglect any of the people who have applied but we have just been unable to keep up with the demand. I have been working hard and often times 24/7  in some instances to try to help bring jacks into rescue, explain to people why they should use rescue and not Craigslist and trying to source dogs when notified of a Jack in need, to satisfy those of you wanting to adopt.

I apologize for those of you who have lost faith in rescue, it was never our intention to have you be frustrated or get upset with the process. We have never been placed in this position before, usually we have so many dogs that we find our jacks homes relatively quickly and I never have more than 5 to 10 applications waiting to adopt. Now we seem to have no matches for those of you who have applied.

Many of you who have reached out have given us parameters that we are currently unable to meet. You have a female that needs a male dog pal, you have small children, you do not have a fenced yard, you work long hours, you have a cat, you’re looking for a very young dog or a puppy, you have a dog that doesn’t get along with all dogs, you’ve never had a Jack before, or you are looking for a particular size or look, or will only adopt a purebred.

Henrietta, no senior moments for this girl.

Matching a dog to the right home is never easy, but it is important for us that the family or the individual and the dog make a great match and that the jack and their humans will be happy. We will continue to do the best we can to reach out to any of you who are patiently waiting when we think we have a possible JRT match for you to come and meet.

We appreciate everyone who understands the dilemma we are in, because we always strive to do the best we can, and sometimes fate does not allow for a quick and easy pick.

These dogs have been let down before, we do not want them to be let down again.

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