Parvo Pups Need Your Help



Unfortunately, in just two weeks we managed to wipe out three months of savings for vet care, saving newly arrived rescues diagnosed with Parvo one week after coming to JG. $12,150 to save the puppies and their mom. Insane, right? Would you have done it differently?

Jetta, very sick

THAT’S with our rescue discount at the emergency 24 hour vet in Albany, NY.  1-1/2 hour drive from the rescue.  Thirteen trips so far in the JG mobile.  We would never consider saying let them die.  None of you would.  We are therefore reaching out and asking anyone who can help the rescue replenish these funds. No amount is too small. We only do a once a year fundraiser, but in this case, we definitely know that we will not make it to next summer without replenishing the vet fund. So, if you were planning to donate for the holidays, or you can manage to send us a small amount to assist, we would be forever grateful.

mom Kloee



This was a totally unexpected expense, but in rescue, we should note that these things happen. There was no way that we were going to let these dogs die, we were going to give them every chance possible, even if it meant digging deep into OUR pockets and asking for your help.





From the beginning, everything was done right for these puppies.  Them getting Parvo was just unfortunate. They were born in a private home, and then went to a foster, never placed in a shelter, never any feet on the ground when transported to the vet. All care was done exactly on time; dewormed, given their first distemper/Parvo shot as required. As they traveled to Jacks Galore they never left their crate or put on the ground. How did this happen? Well, Parvo is found everywhere, especially if there are wild animals in the garden, and it must have been at the first owner’s home where the pups were born.  Parvo was somewhere in their area.

They came healthy, full of energy and love and then one by one they started to get really sick. Sydney was sick first, we went back and forth to the emergency vet in Albany, New York, the closest with the capability to save these jacks. The only place that has 24-hour care for Parvo pups. Then a week later Rudee was diagnosed and then the third girl, Jetta sadly ended up in the hospital the last day of November. She seems to be struggling more, but the good news is that Sydney, Rudee and mom Chloe have all recovered and are thriving. As a matter fact, two of the pups are heading home the first week in December.


Jetta does not seem to be recovering as quickly as the other two did, so we are hoping that we will be able to save her so that she is able to enjoy a long and healthy life with her new family when she is finally adopted. Vetting is one of the most important things we do for our dogs as they come into rescue, and with all the newcomer’s health, we will not skimp.

Sydney recovered

I hope you will be able to assist us again this year, and we certainly thank all of you who continue to donate on a monthly basis, who send us donations throughout the year and those of you who are kind enough to help when we are truly in need.

To those of you who have already sent a donation thank you, to all of you who are always there to support us and stand by the work we do, THANK YOU!!


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