NJ Crew Finds Their Way


The NJ crew are slowly finding their way, learning what real life is all about. Snooki, Lottie and Duncan (also known as Winky) are all continuing to thrive at foster mom Dawn’s “rehab” center. Playing with each other, learning to enjoy toys, rolling and sunbathing in the grass and slowly, ever so slowly understanding housebreaking rules.  Moreover, of course learning to be dogs.

Woolly w/ a new pal


Woolly, Winston and Vinnie at the rescue, are also enjoying the freedom of life outside of a crate and beginning to understand walking on a leash and bringing JG mom great joy when they realize that it is just fine to go to the bathroom while tethered! Seeing them sniff the grass and pausing on occasion is worth a treat.  Enjoying a walk, smelling the air, sniffing the grass, there is so much to explore!

Snickers relaxing



Adopted Snickers is thriving on the farm and enjoyed a travel break to the ocean. He keeps his lab roommate on alert while practicing zoomies; making everyone laugh.  Learning recall, how to play, and adjusting to his gentle humans, but with still some trepidation with what love really means. Of course he has already managed to figure out sleeping in the bed with his people is very relaxing. Apparently, he learned that the first day!

Adopted Sophie, formally known as Adelaide, is blossoming with her new family and being a pal to JG alum Hughbie.  She too has discovered that sleeping in a human bed is quite delightful, and within a few days jumped up in the morning on her own to get snuggles. Enjoying the green grass, lounging outside in beautiful weather and accepting treats and pats from her people. Sophie is a quick learner, happy doing her business outside. No more dirty crate to live in, wondering where she could put her feet to keep them dry.



Adopted Harry Fawkes is also relishing all the attention that is being bestowed upon him. House training progresses at a slow pace, and certain things make him fearful but then his mom lays down beside him on the dog bed and assures him that this is only the beginning of a real life and there our wonderful things to come. She says you can then hear him relax and let out a sigh knowing that it will come. Enjoying the outdoors, walking amazingly far on his leash and exploring his surroundings with eagerness. He was an absolute star at the vet.

Harry Fawkes

Adopted Pippa’s progress is slower, learning from her two JRT roommates and the two dads that love her most. We hear she play bowed for the first time, but when her roommate tried to join in she surprised herself and was not sure what she had started. Relaxing in the sun and willingly coming to her family for comfort is a big step for a little frightened girl who had never known love, let alone kindness. She strives to be clean and is doing well with her housebreaking routine. Pippa has a special safety zone where she will go with her bazillion stuffed toys and relax to absorb everything she experienced during the day.

Pippa safe zone

All of these dogs have come a long way just in the short time they have been with their families. The willingness to accept the care that surrounds them is obvious from the emails sent, and pictures displayed. The desire of these creatures to learn truly astounds us; slowly they are letting down their guard because the most important thing our adopters are showing is patience.  Trust follows, and we look forward to their continued progress.


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