Name your Girl – and PUPPIES

It all started when a sweet little jack came into our fold and needed a name.  How could we let her give birth and not know who she is?  Puppies, stray jacks in a shelter, those left behind without their name given, a new start for a new home: some jacks need to be given a name.

just two weeks old, and already relaxed

just two weeks old, and already relaxed

sweet dreams of days to come

sweet dreams of days to come

Jacks Galore has had several female jacks that had to have their identity restored so we gathered names from your Facebook suggestions, and if we’ve missed any please let us know so we can add them to the list.

In this case a soft, pretty jack came to us when a kind vet and her riding partner asked for help.  We drove to their barn and picked up a delightfully gentle but very pregnant jack who needed the comfort of knowing she could give birth to her pups in a safe and stable environment. We knew both she and her offspring would get the jack homes they so deserve.

Well, this girl has found her place in life again, when her forever family decided to pick a name they feel suits her well: Pearl.  Her two pups, a boy and a girl, will also have the benefit of growing up with a name used with love and affection.  So many striking, interesting, thoughtful, fun and historical names were suggested and each would suit a jack well.

We hope you’ll someday benefit from our supporters’ suggestions. I know we will, as we’ll keep them handy for any new girl that passes through our gates not only homeless but without that identity they so long for.  Thank you for giving your help to the naming of Pearl.





Abbie, Alba, Amanda, Angel, Annie, Athena, Avalon


Candy, Cassie, Chloe, Coletta

Daisy May, Dolly,

puppies who will know the jack life

puppies who will know the jack life

Easton, Ella, Elsa, Esme

Finleigh, Fiona, Flo, Freda

Genie, Gina, Ginger, Gloria, Grace, Greta, Gypsy

Heidi, Hera, Honey, Hope


Jasmine, Jane, Jemma, Jill, Joy, Julia

Leah, Libbie, Lila, Lily, Lillybell, Lola, Lolly

Madonna, Maggie, Mama Mia, Mandy, Mary, Meadow, Millie, Molly


Peaches, Pearl, Penny, Precious, Prissy

Rachel, Robin

Sadie, Sasha, Sassy, Searsha, Seven, Scotch, Shiloh, Sister, Sophie, Snickers, Sugar, Sunshine, Susie, Sweet Pea, Sydney

Tammy, Temperance, Tootsie



A name - Pearl - a home

A name – Pearl – a home

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