More Rescue Sadness

Domino landed on our doorstep because of the alertness of adopters and longtime supporters, Bob and Lisa in NY. Would we be able to reach out to a rescue in New York to take a senior Jack Russell in dire need? We left the job to Bob to reach out and to see if we would be able to help Domino come to Jacks Galore.

Looking at the photographs he was obviously failing, a mere skeleton of his former self, a senior in much need that had come up from the South to be adopted up north. After 2 months at the rescue in New York, there were no takers for an emaciated, stiff little old man. Within a day we were told they would be happy to allow us to take Domino and Bob picked him up. After one night at their home it was determined that this dog was very close to the end, and Bob drove this sweet gentleman up to the rescue visibly upset and concerned.

Domino pure sweetness

What we saw was very sad and shocking indeed, and we immediately reached out to Dr. Ray and thank goodness, told to bring him in the very next morning. Our wonderful vet, already extremely overwhelmed with work and getting ready to take his first vacation in 3 years, once again stepped up to help us check out Domino.  Our vet very concerned by what he saw, wanted to make sure we knew what was going on before making any drastic decisions.

Senior blood work, x-rays, full exam and the works, which revealed a dog in distress and starving. His eyes were highly infected; he had a mass on his liver, an unknown mass in his esophagus, which prevented him from properly swallowing his food. Poor Domino also had more than 30 bladder stones and something large and unidentifiable in his stomach with an excessive amount of undigested food.


Since leaving LA, he had lost 11 pounds. Poor Domino was starving before our very eyes and it was obvious to our vet that no nutrients were being absorbed when he ate.

We agreed that it was time to let him go peacefully across the bridge. Jacks Galore held on tightly to this delightfully sweet but frail little Jack who at one point definitely was loved as he was gentle, and desperate for the presence of a human. We are grateful for our adopters who keep an eye on the JRTs in need, and we are also thankful that Domino was allowed a peaceful and gentle crossing of the rainbow bridge with people who understood.

It’s times like this that JG mom is grateful that we have an enormous support system behind us, a magnificent and compassionate vet, adopters who stay in touch, and people willing to allow our rescue to help the vulnerable if others are unable to do so.

Rescue is joy, and happiness, but it is also sadness and willing to do the right thing for a dog in need. There is still joy in helping a dog end his suffering and doing it in a kind and gentle way. Rescue bring sadness with the love when we least expect it.

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