More Joy and Sorrow

Once again, we have seen a week full of joy but it has also been peppered with sorrow.

Cookie thriving


Cookie continues to thrive in the foster care of our rescue partner Chelle and her family. She eats well, she is surrounded by love, and she is more active and becoming quite sassy! Cookie is not gaining weight, her heart is not in great shape, and she is plagued by arthritis but she is mentally strong and has risen to the occasion while fighting the good fight.

More of our New Jersey puppy mill 188ers have moved on to their forever homes and now making great strides in becoming real dogs, while understanding there is a world outside of a crate. Only Wink is waiting for that perfect family, to ferry him on to a better life. That will come, as he is an absolute delight.

Pippa, a 188er, adopted





Then there is Fenway, an abandoned Jack mix we promised to try to heal; but the stars were not aligned this time. Left tied to a post at the shelter, pulled by Jacks Galore, then ventured on to our wonderful rescue partner Kim where he was nourished with wonderful care and physically seemed to improve. We met Kim and ferried him up to Massachusetts where we had an inkling things were not going well.

Fenway, confused





After two nights in sanctuary with severe physical disabilities we took him to see our vet where we knew the diagnosis would not be good and were proven right when a brain tumor in the central vertex was discovered. Constant circling, dilated eyes, the inability to walk, to eat, let alone drink water.



Loved, adored, given a few days to unwind and he then gently moved on to greener pastures where he will walk in a straight line and see the squirrels playing in the grass. The amazing Dr. Ray gently let him go, and we held Fenway tightly and comforted him as he left this world.

With the joy of extra days and months during which Cookie thrives, for the accomplishment felt when puppy mill dogs find their forever families; there is always that one that does not make it. Therefore, with every joy there is also sorrow. May Cookie see many more days with her loving foster, and may Fenway finally be free of pain and confusion.

Thank you for loving your dogs, thank you for letting them thrive. Please don’t ever let them down.

Cookie with “her” Bear

Wink is waiting

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