Mighty Max

Happy to be busy

Happy to be busy

ADOPTED!!!  To NH he went, with a jack family who just KNOWS the breed, so it was told to us – he is a JACK, “what is supposed to be wrong with this dog?”  NOTHING.  Happy forever life Max, enjoy!!

Max is a 1 year old, 17-pound, tricolor smooth-coated shorty male with an overabundance of enthusiasm for life. With a great love for the tennis ball and willing to spend hours chasing it for you, Max also enjoys very long walks, attentively keeping by you in hopes of finding something interesting to catch.

Ready for love or the ball!!

Ready for love or the ball!!

Max came to Jacks Galore when the Humane shelter in New Hampshire called and asked us to step in. This little Jack has already been in two homes, not because he’s not a wonderful dog but because he’s a real Jack Russell with an inordinate amount of energy and zest for life. This dog can go nonstop from morning till night yet is the sweetest most loving Jack there is. Max absolutely adores people, kids are also loved, he can’t give you enough kisses, leaping high enough to catch your attention or just wanting to wallow in the warmth of your arms.

Max is fully housetrained, rides well in the car, and is crate trained; the one thing he is NOT good at is being with other dogs. Obviously he was never socialized as a puppy, was not given enough of the things a Jack Russell needs while growing up, and thus never learned to behave himself around other dogs.

Max is an absolute joy! When he sees you, when the leash comes out for a walk or the tennis ball is taken up to the agility field he grins from ear to ear knowing he’ll be able to release some of that terrier energy that so few people seem to understand. A very devoted little shorty, Max is a delight to have around and is very devoted to his person. He is extremely intelligent, wants to learn and behave, and will make a wonderful companion if given the attention and exercise he needs.

Max is also very handsome, and when he smiles he lights up a room. You’ll find him waiting with his tail wagging so come to adopt Max.


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