Jetta, An Athletic Mix


Jetta awaits the toy

Jetta awaits the toy

Jetta is a very young 8 month old border collie (yes BC) mixed with jack to make a nice athletic combination. Jetta is located at the marvelous Glen Highland Border Collie Rescue in Morris, NY.

She is an exceptionally sweet girl who really is blossoming at the farm. Easily says hello to everyone and loves the attention she is garnered there. Cute as a button, she is a petite 30 pounds, smart as a whip and eager to learn and please. Jetta is truly enjoying all the toys and action at the farm where it is busy and exciting. She can be a bit worried when things overwhelm her, so does best with a person who is patient and reassures her there is nothing to fear. She then relaxes and goes back to her happy puppy self.

She came to GHF from a person who could not accommodate her youthful needs. Jetta is NOT good with cats but does enjoy other canine pals or could even be a solo dog. If you are wanting the best of both these active breeds rolled into one let us know so we can make sure she lands in a home soon to be able to grow to adulthood in her forever home.

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