Huggable Huckleberry

Let's see, anyone want to play?

Let’s see, anyone want to play?

ADOPTED!!!  Staying in MS Huckles now claims a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix as his pal in play and adores the love and attention he gets from his new family, with all the snuggling too.  A happy pup, active and loved, for his whole life ahead.

An 8 month old smooth coated,  brown and white, 16 pound long legged male jack, Huckle is energy exemplified.  His enthusiasm for life has proven too much for people so he’s with Jacks Galore looking for that home to give him a LOT of activity, attention and oh, did we say snuggling?

Must be something over there worth exploring?

Must be something over there worth exploring?

Huckleberry came from a rescue friend whose barn had a litter of jacks, and she thought “I so love jacks” and home he went.  But work hours changed and Huck needed time – to play, to be busy and to be housetrained (which he is 90% already).

This pooch adores other dogs, but with a rambunctious play and run mode his puppines might be too much for an older senior or very submissive jack; he loves to sprint out the gate and play for as long as he can be entertained.  His specialty?  Kisses and licks: a true people magnet, there’s not a person big or small he doesn’t find very appealing and he’ll make sure he’s given his human the proper puppy greeting.  Yes he will have to learn NOT to jump on people, which he considers PURE joy and happiness at seeing someone who will say hello, so small people must be warned.  Huckleberry is a very endearing puppy, rides well in the car, and has been crate trained.

Huckles is super smart and food-motivated so he’ll quickly learn anything asked of him.  Agility might be something he’ll find super fun, and just being busy.  Huckleberry loves long walks and will keep you fit in the New Year.  Come and please take Huckle home, he needs to grow up with his family, not in a kennel.


I'm ready

I’m ready

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