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Henriettta, aka Henri, is no longer available because this November weekend she was chosen to join an active family with a young girl who not only plays soccer and dances, but knew that throwing the ball non stop for Henri was the way to go.  Kisses were given all around and her new fur parents decided she was the one.  Off to PA to enjoy a life filled with travel, snuggling and lots of ball tosses; her long wait was well rewarded.  The perfect match for all.  Good luck gorgeous Henri, you got it made.

Henrietta aka Henri is a 4 year old broken coat female, the most gorgeous jack russell. She is of medium height, coming in at about16 pounds, sturdy with a muscular build.  Henri was given up through no fault of her own; her mom’s life took a drastic change of events so Henri needs a new forever family that will keep her BUSY, VERY busy. Henri is the most amazing ball player, twisting in the air to catch and throwing it at you when she runs back to get some more tosses.

Heri voices her opinion

Henri voices her opinion

Henri loves people, and grew up with kind gentle children, but true to her female jackness is very picky about her dog pals. Perhaps being an only child might be best for her. Henri is TRUE to the breed and is a hunter extraordinaire; her nose smells it before she even hears the prey, thus needs safe fenced perimeters for any off leash playing. She would make a fantastic running partner, in fact she NEEDS the energy outlet, and currently three miles is her morning jog with her foster dad. She is perfectly clean, is crate trained, gentle and when the leash comes out high fives you with an easy 4 foot jump in the air. An athlete in her build, Henri exemplifies what this breed was bred for. No dissapointment with this jack by your side.

Henri after a successful catch

Henri after a successful catch

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