Grateful for our Volunteers

If there is anything that keeps this small rescue moving forward and allows us the ability to help as many jacks as possible; then our volunteers are certainly the linchpin that makes us tick. Most of our volunteers are transporters, and we are part of an amazing transport group of dedicated drivers who always seem to jump to the occasion to help. The list of those who transport is lengthy, but I cannot thank all of you enough (and you know who you are) for always being there for the dogs. We are part of a rescue group whose volunteers drive EVERY WEEKEND throughout the year safely delivering our jacks on the weekends. Part of that team is OSCAR, a rescue that keeps our dogs overnight for their Sunday trip to MA.

Terri from Hounds Town with JG Bogie

A team from Pilots n’ Paws

In addition there are some very wonderful Jack Russell owners who always step up to the plate at a moment’s notice who pick up a dog in need, keep them for an overnight, or a week, and then making sure they hitch up to one of our transport meeting spots. Lisa, Rhonda, Chelle, Kim, Marie, Bill, Daniela, Kate, Dawn, Steph, Ilene and Amy are just some of our most fervent Jack Russell owners and adopters who will go the extra mile to pick up a Jack we have to bring in and to help that dog through its transition before coming to us. This dedication is invaluable to JG; we get a heads up of what sort of JRT is headed our way!

We are also so very thankful for the wonderful help of the charitable organization Pilots and Paws. A group of extremely dedicated pilots who spend their own money and fly on their own time transporting dogs statewide in small private planes to their final destination. We have been very fortunate to use this organization with the help of our most amazing volunteer coordinator Suzy.  On a number of occasions, she has performed miracles organizing multiple flights from Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and several other states all the way up to Massachusetts.

Hounds Town on LI who at the drop of a hat opens its doors to the NY jacks in need, Terri and her crew are so efficient. A HUGE shout out goes to Camp Wagalot, our local boarding day care who is always there to help a JG jack for an overnight or longer stay when an emergency calls and the rescue is full.  Jenn and her staff are a very important part of our rescue – she truly is our savior, and a very dear friend.   Of course a shout out to our vet.  He often does “volunteer” his services, and somehow manages to take time out of his crazy schedule to ALWAYS say yes.  No matter the hour of day, the demands made upon his time and expertise; our jacks thrive because of this man, a most remarkable vet; Dr. Ray you are the cornerstone of Jacks Galore.  The staff at South Street?  They put up with all of us!!!!  A hats off to our webmaster Rick, whose constant support and patience with my technical inabilities is rock solid.

Chelle with JG Sally

Board member Ilene w/ her rescue Jakey

The one thing that grabs me most about all of our volunteers and people who give of their time? Is that they are always smiling, kind, generous and delightfully supportive during their involvement with us. We are all in this together when it comes to saving lives, and there is much joy knowing that the dogs are one step closer on their journey to their forever family. Though we here in MA may be on the forefront of adopting out the many jacks that pass through our doors, the wheels that keep us in motion are the people who we can always turn to and rely on to help save that one terrier, and bring that dog one step closer to having a life.

Lest we forget there is always JG dad, a man who puts in more than 10 miles a day walking jacks, no matter the weather – he is our most dedicated champion, EVER!!!

JG dad getting Sugar kisses

Dr. Ray – super vet

There are not enough words to praise the people who are there for us, all what I can say is thank you; to all of you, from the bottom of Jacks Galore’s heart, we thank you.

JG mom with JG Penny

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