Fitzie, Aging Gracefully

Jacks Galore elder statesman Fitzie is a 19 year old free spirit. Ever the calm, quiet man around the house, Fitzie came to us because he was no longer able to stay in his home due to his perceived incontinence. Joining our pack three years ago, he has proven a model of cleanliness.

After a full vet check to assure there were no urinary issues, we were considering Proin which has worked so well on some of our older dogs in the past, and we assume it makes them more comfortable so there is no more bed wetting as they age. I’m sure there are many other products on the market but we’ve had good luck with that particular medicine our vet recommended.

Enjpying his loop

Enjoying his loop

Fitzie uses the dog doors perhaps more often than the others; in the night we hear the flap slam as he faithfully goes out to do his business in the yard no matter the weather. He has taken to sleeping long hours in many of the choicest dog beds, or spends his time sleeping in the sun, now much lower in the sky as winter approaches. Fitzie’s favorite thing is to walk the 6 acre fenced loop at a steady pace, he loves to eat the rich soil under the trees and smell the news left behind by his many other JG pals. Fitzie has several short cuts he takes through the woods, but always comes down the final stretch with a loping bouncy trot I compare to a quarter horse’s gate.

He has a lovely spring in his step, and is one of the most beautiful rough coats we have ever set eyes on. We brush him quite a few times a week and for the first time since adopting him had his coat trimmed this past summer. I will do it again as he seemed more comfortable and less “dusty” when he rolled in the grass. He has a touch of Ernest Borgnine in his face with those tufts of wild hair.

Fitzie's bushy look

Fitzie’s bushy look

A kind and gentle dog, Fitzie goes to many elementary school classes and summer camps to introduce kids to rescue and to the joy of owning an older dog, many of whom still have lots of spunk left in them. He loves the attention they give him and always walks away with this head held high. We hope he will grace our pack for a few more years, but he is the senior of the bunch so we know it will not be long as his days fade to twilight.

I say enjoy the older dog, adopt the elderly, too many people pass up the chance to give hope to one who’s been discarded in old age. They can still give us so much love and enjoyment, and they still have many years left to show us the rewards of the quiet soul. We too age, ask how you would feel if your family left you behind. And I like to think that if you adopt older dogs you can adopt more dogs into your life!!!!

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