A Father’s Day Tribute

A day to pay tribute to all of our dads, and even those who no longer have their fathers such as my husband and I, we can certainly appreciate how important a role our fathers have played in our lives. Many fathers are not just dads to two legged creatures, but to all of our little four-legged critters as well. We know that the fuzzy ones also appreciate the fact that there’s a father in their lives. Here is but a sprinkling of pictures of some our many alumnae dads – loving their jacks!!!!

JG alum Runie

JG alum Seamus

JG dad is certainly one of those very special people who have given so much to these little dogs that have passed through the rescue’s doors, and has never thought anything of walking the extra mile or 2 if the dogs tell him they’re not ready to head back. Not only is JG dad an amazing Jack Russell father, but all of you JG adopter dads, I salute you as well and thank you for loving the dogs you have embraced from Jacks Galore, not only taken into your lives and home, but certainly allowed them to worm their way into your hearts

JG alum Sammi

Since JG mom broke her arm and has slowed down considerably, most of the dog walking has landed in JG dad’s lap, he is now tallying up to 9 to 12 miles a morning, and that’s not counting the hours he still spends on the computer so that these jacks can be fed the best food and have the greatest vet care.

With summer now upon us walking starts right away at 7 o’clock in the morning and JG dad always makes sure that everybody in the kennels gets out no matter the weather or the time it takes. And if ball playing is the preferred method of exercise, than a good hour on the agility field is never shied away from. Always there to help with vet runs if needed, assisting at feeding time when mayhem strikes with dogs running out of doors into crates for their dinner and always a kind word or a kiss for those little JRT’s that are feeling sad because they’re not yet in their forever home.

JG alum Nipsy

JG dad is always eager to throw the ball for photographs, or holding squirmy jacks when we can’t get them to sit still and always willing to have at least one dog in his office if they are too frightened or stressed living in the kennels. Then he shares his morning biscotti, his lap while he’s working, and a snuggle on the couch when he’s taking a nap.

JG alum Fuzzy Bucket

JG alum Molly

Jacks Galore would be lost without this dad in our lives, and we are so grateful that he shares the passion and the love for these crazy little dogs that certainly challenge us, drive us crazy, frustrate us, but most of all makes us love them all the more for their quirky idiosyncrasies.







Here’s to all the Jack Russell dads out there, and Happy Father’s Day JG dad, thank you from all of the jacks and JG mom, thank you for all you have done to save so many lost terriers; all of whom adore you!

JG dad w/ Flint

JG alum Chester

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