Jacks Galore 2020 Fall Fundraiser

Raised $25,125 as of Oct 11


It’s that time again, our annual fundraiser to keep us going for yet another year. We’re a little later than usual, but that’s because COVID-19 has upended everyone’s lives, including rescue work. It being fall, we have a super long sleeve T-shirt and a great tote bag (no more plastic) to thank you for your support. Since we have all been cooped up we loved adopter Don’s rendition of where we have been all holed up – HOME with JG Alum Charley as model jack.

Matching Donations

This year we have two longtime supporters who have pledged matching gifts for a total of $35,000! The first $15,000 is matched one for one and the next $10,000 is matched two for one.

Donation Thank You Gifts

We have new long sleeve T-shirt (donation of $35 or more) and canvas tote bag (donation of $50 or more) so for every donation that exceeds those amounts you can choose your thank you gift.  If you qualify for a gift, it will be sent to you at the end of the fund drive. Please indicate (in the PayPal instructions) if you would like a Canvas Tote Bag or a T-Shirt (indicate size for T-shirt).

  • For donations of $35 or more – Pick a Long Sleeve T-Shirt Gift (specify size)
  • For donations of $50 or more – Pick a Canvas Bag gift (or you can choose a T-shirt if you don’t want a tote bag)

Jacks Galore 2020 Fundraiser T-shirt         Jacks Galore 2020 Tote Bag

Supporting Jacks Galore

Your financial support gives a new life for over 100 Jacks a year. The best and most comprehensive vetting, highest quality food, and keeping up with monthly medications to keep all dogs fit and healthy. This also allows us to keep the kennels up and running. With your help, we can make it an amazing year allowing us to bring more jacks in need into rescue. We realize these are tough times, but if you are able we hope you will be part of this yearly effort. Many jacks are starting to look for help: new homes, new families and major vet care.

With your support we can save lives; we can offer some much needed love and care. Please help us get there – we count on all of you to keep our doors open!!!

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