Dolly, the Nuzzling Muscle Girl

Dolly was adopted on this cold miserable day in November, but a day to remember for her as she met her match with her jack pal Remi.  The race was on, who could muscle out whom?  Off she went to northern NY to enjoy an active family of four and whose fur mom works from home.  Good luck Dolly, those two cats will accept you yet with that waggy tail!!

Dolly, a 1-1/2 year old dynamo female jack russell (mix?) is poised for action. She was found as a stray and given a chance when a jack person noticed her potential when being showered with her love and kisses.

Dolly is all play, all action and all ball. Other dogs just make her so very happy, as she chases, lunges, pounces; yet finds it so satisfying to lie on her back and be nuzzled by her running mate. Dolly has a beautiful soul searching gaze with a chocolate face and lightening blaze, her eyes deep, thoughtful and full of mischief. She smiles exuberantly when the leash comes out, the ball is grabbed and off to the races she goes.

Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

A very clean little girl, very polite except when it comes to meal time then she gulps her dinner down and searches for any other bowls left unattended, perhaps food was not always readily available for her as she was growing up. She possesses a lean body of muscle, and her leaps seem effortless, all the better to jump into your arms for a hug. Dolly wants to get to know all people, but on her slow terms, gently and then……in for the lick. She walks beautifully in her harness, and enjoys the long stroll through woods and fields in order to explore the smells and sights that nature offers this little hunter of a jack.

Dolly wants a forever home, a place where she can be entertained and be sure there is someone to throw the ball for a long long while, but wants to snuggle with you when the game is over. A pup for keeps.

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