Cooper’s Story

A posting on a FB page, a plea for help to save a little jack from a NJ shelter where he was languishing, unadoptable. He was fierce, cage aggressive, resource guarder, picky with other dogs, too much energy: every trait a jack russell exhibits in the shelter system, behind bars,…

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Home for the Holidays

Abe and Oreo will have their own forever homes just in time for the Thanksgiving festivities and all that great food for those fortunate enough to have the bounty available. Abe has a family to call his own that will keep him very busy in eastern MA and a pal…

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Over the Moon – Oreo

Oreo came to Jacks Galore via a wonderful couple who adopted from us before. They alerted us that a jack was to be put to sleep because he had such extreme separation anxiety and the family was at its wits end with his biting or going after you when you…

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