Florida Max’s Story

Another jack on his way to Jacks Galore to fill the void of those that have passed this year. After a plea for help from a rescue partner down south, Max is coming from Florida where there are so many dogs in need that the shelters are overflowing, and many…

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A Tribute to JG dad on Father’s Day

Jacks Galore rescue would be nothing if it were not for the amazing support and dedication of JG dad. From the very first jack “Jack” adopted so many years ago, the passion and love for this breed has grown over time. Without Howard, there would be no rescue. At 65,…

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All Alone

ADOPTED!!!!  Shortly after posting a long term applicant raised their hands – our jack Ernie needs a girlfriend, she looks perfect!!  off to NH she went, JG mom already headed to NH for a trip up north took the newly named Millie on a road trip to her forever home….

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A Jack Mix Left to Starve

Left to fend for himself on the streets of New York City, newly named Calvin came to us via another rescue that pulled him from the New York City shelter because he was on death row. We agreed to intervene and nurse him back to health from what was obviously…

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A Poem for Rescue

Rescue is special, it is something we devote ourselves to, it is for the love of the breed we chose, for those that are underserved and for those creatures that have no voice.  Rescue shapes who we are, we go into it with eyes wide open, with faith, energy and…

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Nellie Baby to the Rescue (literally)

Let me tell you about a little tiny 8 pound tricolor smooth coat jack russell who is the most delightfully sweet and loving girl despite her physical handicap. Nellie gets along with absolutely every dog she’s ever met, be it a girl or a boy, and her main interest is…

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The Travails of Tator Tot

Tator Tot, a sanctuary Jack took a long circuitous route to Jacks Galore, but in the end it is with us that he crossed the bridge and was adored at the end of his life.  Reaching out to the rescue listed on his name tag, we learned that he was…

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A Year in Review

2015 certainly was an exciting year, if not also a very sad one for Jacks Galore. We had a record number of adoptions as we watched 83 little jacks and their mixes wander out of our kennels into loving forever homes.  We very sadly said goodbye to nine sanctuary jacks…

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Angel’s Homecoming

For a little Jack who came into Jacks Galore from a shelter as a wounded soul, she was given a Christmas gift that many rescue dogs will never know: a forever home that will let her spread her wings like a Jack should. JG mom cannot think of a better…

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Holiday Wishes for our Jacks

Every year we are asked to give our supporters and adopters a wish list for the jacks. And every year I do not think we deviate far from what’s wanted and needed from the years before. Most loved by the jacks are of course tennis balls with squeakers, stuff less…

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