Muffin; here is her story

        Muffin, a little black and white 11 year old female Jack Russell,  just recently came to Jacks Galore because she has severe health issues that currently requires expensive medication and food. A wonderful rescue we work with in West Virginia had adopted her out in 2016,…

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Winter Games

It’s been a while since we’ve reached out and connected with our supporters and adopters, but the rescue has been so extremely busy that when the day ends it’s almost impossible to keep working on the computer just because so many of the jacks need us and they are our…

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A Legacy for the JG Jacks

It is rare to be so humbled by a gift from a donor unknown to us, whose love of the Jack Russell Terrier assured that Jacks were in his will. By chance his dear friend Barbara, also a JRT lover and owner, learned of us and proposed we be part…

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The Gift of Giving

The year seems to have gone by extremely quickly, and with that JG mom noticed that she did not kept up very well with news towards the end of the year; I have truly neglected our webpage. The technology of social media keeps the rescue very busy and that is…

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November Matching 10K Fundraiser

UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WE DID IT!!  As of November 14th we raised MORE than the challenge presented; a total of $10,715.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!   Another challenge for Jacks Galore: an amazing generous matching donation for all our jacks in need. Our wonderful supporters in Connecticut have offered…

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Thank You ALL

Jacks Galore is very fortunate to not only have such amazing support from so many JRT lovers, our adopters, and people who consider our rescue work important and believe in our mission, but also a Jack Russell rescue network that likes to help each other in time of great need….

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We NEED Your Help

With the very large influx of the Russell Refuge dogs into Jacks Galore’s fold, we’re reaching out to all of our supporters and hopefully some new fans, asking everyone to step up and help us reach our fundraising goal of $15,000. JG mom’s sister has already pledged $5000 as a…

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Passing of the Torch

A week ago the torch was passed from one Jack Russell rescue to another. Russell Refuge has closed, and Jacks Galore has stepped in with open arms greeting those jacks remaining when it shuttered. In 2003 we adopted our first “Jack” from Dale, and it became apparent that our love for…

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Transport Volunteers

People often wonder how the dogs make it to Jacks Galore, and there certainly are a multitude of avenues for getting a dog to the rescue. Most people bring their dogs to us, but most importantly we have an amazing group of volunteers who stand by ready to transport for us…

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A Father’s Day Tribute

A day to pay tribute to all of our dads, and even those who no longer have their fathers such as my husband and I, we can certainly appreciate how important a role our fathers have played in our lives. Many fathers are not just dads to two legged creatures,…

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