Sophie is a five-year-old rough coat, long legged female JRT mix, all white with black ears, weighing in at an overweight 30 pounds. Sophie is not as large as she appears.


This delightful cross came to us because of the owner’s personal circumstances, and we are glad we took her in. Sophie has an enormous amount of energy and she absolutely adores playing ball, bringing it back consistently. She is a fabulous leash walker, and enjoys going for long hikes.

Sophie is very well housetrained, does fine in a crate but is not very fond of it, and really enjoys car rides. She gets along with most dogs upon proper introduction, but plays rough and is more interested the ball and her person than other dogs. Sophie is a very enthusiastic jack and enjoys the company of her humans. She is very gentle and kind.

Like with any Jack Russell she needs tons of exercise, but absolutely adores being snuggled and loved by her people.

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