Rocky is an 8 year old little 12-pound tan and white rough coat boy who enjoys nothing better than to play with his tennis balls, forever. An emotionally abandoned jack, with so much love to give, Rocky needs a very specific home, and we know you are out there.

Rocky wants his ball

Rocky wants his ball

Rocky needs a fenced yard, size not so important, but he requires a dog door to access during the day because Rocky was never housetrained. If he has that door; then clean as a whistle. This ball of fire and amazing snuggler wants to pee when he needs to, so when left in the house for long hours alone he lifts his leg. But he is clean and sleeps through the night, and for a while Rocky was the JG office dog and NEVER ever had an accident….why? Because he had a dog door to a small enclosed yard where he would religiously let himself out throughout the day to use the facilities. As soon as he is locked up alone he lifts his leg, but not if there is that miracle dog door. A simple solution to help a loving kind jack, nothing more.

He so enjoys his people, and toys give him such pleasure, but his face lights up when the tennis balls appear on the scene. A jack ever so devoted to his person, he loves to ride in the car and keep you company on your easy chair. Rocky is not much of a walker, and delights in his yard for his favorite ball pastime and for sunning and rolling in the grass: a jack that demands little of his person but gives so much in return.

He does not want to live with other dogs because he was never socialized with them, and forget cats he is a jack russell do not forget. Sometimes we just need to give a dog that extra effort to make it work, and this is not much of one and he demands so little from us to make his life fulfilled.

A dog door, a small enclosed area to pee and lots and lots of tennis balls: not much to ask. In return you’ll be loved, kissed and snuggled, and if you can throw in a belly rub from time to time that’s good too. Could you be that understanding person who is willing to make the effort for him and to show him he will never be given up again?

Rocky the rocket, someone is going to bring the ball home.

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