Rocket Man

Rocket Man is a 2 ½-year-old male, tan, curly rough coat Jack Russell mix, who weighs 15 pounds. Very dear, but somewhat shy when meeting new people, this jack mix is a wonderfully curious and loving little dog when he sees that people want to pet him.

Rocket Man came to us when someone had found him on craigslist, for the second time, and felt that he had too much energy for her and the elderly dog already in the home. This was the same reason that he was given up by an elderly couple who had gotten him off craigslist the first time. Originally he was found as a stray, and then sold on craigslist. We here at Jacks Galore have not seen an extremely high energy dog.  He has all the enthusiasm of a puppy, and has more energy to burn than most jacks we know.

We have not yet heard him bark but he has the energy level to enjoy his four-legged friends when it comes to playing with other pals. He gets along with all dogs, but will back off if they show any sign of aggression. He plays rough though once he gets to know them, and then he runs, chases and pounces with the skill of an acrobat. Rocket Man needs a refresher course in housetraining; he does very well in a crate, rides beautifully in the car and enjoys very long walks. Very smart like any terrier, he learns quickly and wants to please. He prances gracefully by your side, but he is a runner and thus could never be off leash. Rocket Man must always be safely enclosed while enjoying playtime.

He has not shown much interest in toys or balls, but we’re pretty sure over time, when he has family of his own, that he will enjoy that extra bit of tug-of-war. Rocket Man will need to be brushed on a regular basis, as his flowing locks could use some smoothing out from time to time. But his fur is soft, and he enjoys it when someone shows him some affection. A delightfully adorable little JRT mix, this dog is sure to make anyone smile when they are greeted by his wagging tail and amber eyes.

Rocket Man was adopted  by a previous adopter, but came back after a short time because he has such high play drive that he would not leave his jack roommate any rest.  He would do best with another jack or large dog who had the same play desire this jack mix has. Nothing but praise about his love of other dogs and people – he adores the world, and does love to snuggle at night. Wants to be at one with the world.


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