Mickey is a 2-year-old male black and white Jack Russell miniature Aussie cross. Weighing 15 pounds, he is a wonderful size for sporting activities. Mickey, adopted from us as a puppy, came back to us because of resource guarding.




This little dog is fearful of new things, needs lots of patience and a very calming environment. Extremely athletic, a fabulous ballplayer, he is in typical terrier fashion, very energetic. Mickey loves to go for long walks, and he has been enjoying the 3 and 4-mile hikes he has been part of since he came back to Jacks Galore.

Mickey is very well housetrained, knows basic commands, and wants to please his humans. It is obvious to us that this dog needs an enormous amount of exercise and mental stimulation; he is so willing to learn. Mickey gets along with other dogs when introduced properly, and lived with a German Shepherd who he loved very much.

This little Jack mix is crate trained, rides well in the car but sometimes drools when nervous, but definitely will learn to relax when he knows he is going somewhere fun. Mickey’s biggest problem is his fear of the unknown. His new people need to work with building his confidence so that he can be the fabulous little dog he is.

Mickey has shown great improvement since he has come back to us and will certainly blossom once in a forever home.

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