Deaf perhaps, but smart as ever!!

Deaf perhaps, but smart as ever!!

Lily is a two-year-old, all-white 11-pound shorty female Jack, who happens to be deaf. Lily is a DELIGHT. A lover of all two legged creatures and fond of all dogs, Lily came to us with so much joy in her heart that it has become infectious.

Originally at the rescue Barely Used Pets in Ohio, from there she went to her foster Jo who owns the Home Away From Home pet care facility close by, who has not only this wonderful boarding facility but also a special program to foster dogs that need special training for local rescues. Lily always seems to be the center of packs of up to 15 male and female dogs gallivanting around with her jolly ball in her mouth!

Jo contacted an adopter from Jacks Galore, who then reached out to us to step in when it was obvious Lily needed a very special Jack home, someone familiar with the breed and willing to continue her training she is excelling at. Jo did an amazing job teaching her the basics and training her to be safe. With the help of the Delta Animal Rescue Transport volunteers she flew in cabin to Albany and then was brought to her temporary home here at Jacks Galore.

Lily is house trained, does well in a crate, and her absolute most favorite thing in the whole wide world is the tennis ball. We talk about ball fanatics but Lily IS, let us repeat, IS a ball NUT. As long as she has her tennis ball she’s not just happy but ecstatically so. She can go for hours, and it is an excellent training tool as she’s very focused on her toy during training sessions.

Lily has some minor glitches, because of being deaf some things aren’t normal for her. Lily does not ride well in a car if she is able to see the world, but does well in an airline carrier crate covered so she cannot see moving objects on the road.  And windshield wipers make her absolutely crazy! But PLEASE don’t let this deter you from thinking of adopting this adorably smart and amazing little Jack Russell. Because that’s exactly what she is.

A home with a nicely secured fenced yard and someone willing to play ball with her, take the time to train her to do exciting and fun things and of course learn some basic sign language, will provide her new fur parents not only many years of love but a most rewarding relationship.  And she would excel at agility, no vocal commands needed just point!!

Lily is also a great snuggler and a wonderful kisser of faces, and her tail  shows no sign of stopping when anyone approaches her to tell her how pretty she is. Anyone who meets her falls in love immediately! So give her a chance, give yourself a special gift, and adopt this leapin’ Lily.

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excellent resource material, guidance and help by the Deaf Dog Alliance


the ball, always the ball

the ball, always the ball